Wargame Terrain Sales Coming Soon

  Greeting and well met! I will be once again offering wargame terrain and wargame scenery for sale on several sites you already know.  These build to order pieces ... Continue Reading →

40K Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) – Update

  OK, so here is my new 40K Astra Militarum Army.  It is still not complete as I have 2 more Leman Russ Tanks, 2 Chimera and 5 squads of guardsman to paint and assemble. IMPERIAL ... Continue Reading →

Imperial Guard Hellhound / Tank Defensive Wall

OK, So I'm still working on my Imperial Guard Army.  I recently finished the Hellhound below, staying with the marine colors of this army.  My IG army is hailing from ... Continue Reading →

Starting an Imperial Guard Army

So I wanted to start another 40K army.  This time I decided on the Imperial Guard.  With so many options and such a rich history, I look forward to building an army that ... Continue Reading →

Wargame Terrain – Dry Brushing Techniques Part 3 (Final Video)

Hello, This is the final part of the three part dry brushing techniques video. Building terrain pieces is easy if you have a good imagination and basic materials. Share this:FacebookTwitterEmailGooglePinterest Continue Reading →

Wargame Terrain: Dry Brushing Techniques Part 2 (Video)

Here is the secnd part of this three part dry brushing technique series. Part three will be uploaded later and is about 6 minutes long. Wargame terrain brushing techniques will make ... Continue Reading →