Corner Rock Formation


Today I'm writing about how you can create a corner Rock Formation Terrain piece.  This is similar to some of the other rock formations I've made in the past; however, it is a little bigger and has 2 rock faces set on a 45 degree angle.
I started this piece by using my hot foam cutter to cut out the basic shapes that I needed from ¾ inche blue foam insulation. Next, I catty-cornered each piece to shape like an oval or rough rock formation shape.
I than used my hot glue gun to glue each piece in place, structuing the basic shape of the terrain piece.
Next, I painted the entire piece black. And lightly sprinkled some modle train ballast over it while it was wet so they would adhere to it once it dried.
Close up of the ballast placed on the wargame piece. This creates a rough, natural look and feel to the formation.
After the black paint was completely dry, I dry brushed some Burnt Sienna paint over the entire piece. The goal is to work from dark to light. Each dry brush layer should be a lighter pigmant.








As you can see the set of photos to the laft and above, I used lighter browns and tans to the piece. This technique created a depth in the rock formation to enhance the realistic view of it. As you dry brush the lighter elements, the darys ones remain showing the nooks and crannies of the rock.
This piece is completely dry brushed and ready for the next stage of the wargame scenery rock building process.
The next step is adding some grass to the edges. I use Modge Podge (matte) for this. I simply brush on the modge pode where I want the brass ro appear and sprinkle on the grass over the glue. After the piece dries, tip it over to remove the grass from the rock. I recommend you do this over newspaper. First, it will contain the mess, and second, you can re-use the grass flock.
Next, I used my hot glue gun to add larger rocks (Ballast) to represent bigger boulders on the rock formation as well as green brush and tree flock and died pieces of wood to represent brush and logs.
To the left is the finished piece. Total time to make (Less drying time) 15 minutes.


3 Responses to “Corner Rock Formation”

  1. AT

    Oct 10. 2009

    Nice method and good looking result.
    I might have to try this out myself

  2. admin

    Oct 11. 2009

    Thanks AT – It really is pretty easy to do. The only thing that takes some time is the waiting on the paints and glue to dry. If you do try it out, send me some pics and I’ll post them here.
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  3. AT

    Oct 13. 2009

    the thing that stands out for me is the grassy bit – unfortunately my army + therefore terrain is all deserty – so that rather spoils it

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