Flames Of War Battle Report – Part One

Flames Of War Battle Report - By Guest Author Lee Davis

Part 1

There was a rap on the tent door…."Major? The Colonel wants to see you in the command tent in fifteen minutes”. What now? thought Malcolm…he had just finished the second operational trial of the new T-14 heavy assault tank and was in no mood to spend the next three hours in a useless intelligence briefing with the old man…who was such a blow hard most of the time…not to mention a condescending jerk. “I’ll be right there sergeant". Ten minutes later Major Malcolm Jennings, commander, 3rd company, 2nd battalion of the 2nd Armored Division, walked into the battalion command tent expecting to see the other 2nd Battalion company commanders gathered in the intelligence briefing area…but what he saw took him a bit by surprise.

Standing with the Colonel was a British officer…a captain…and judging from the man’s uniform he was from the infamous Desert Rats of the 7th British Armored Division….the large red rat insignia was easy to spot. “Ah Major Jennings..there you are. This is Captain Mickey Harrison from 22nd Armored Brigade, 7th armored division. High command has ordered a select group of armored battalions to integrate our esteemed allies into our daily operations and I think you are the perfect man for bringing Captain Harrison and his company up to speed. He’ll be assisting you on your next assignment”. I'm the man for the job? How did I tick you off to get this bullcrap babysitting job?...thought Malcolm. The man stepped forward, extended his hand and said…”Nice to meet you old boy….I’ve heard quite a lot about you”….a feeling of uneasiness moved up Malcolm’s spine as he listened to the man's heavy English accent….”Yeah sure..nice to meet you to…old boy”…Malcolm paused for a moment, looking at the man directly in the eyes before extending his own hand. Malcolm had a knack for judging people in a instant. The Brit quickly looked away from Malcolm’s penetrating blue eyes...giving thought to the feeling of Mal’s uneasiness…crap, I’ve got a real bad feeling about this.


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