Flames Of War Battle Report – Part Two

Flames Of War Battle Report - By Guest Author Lee Davis

Part 2

“So what do you think Steve?” Malcolm addressed his 2iC informally through the company command radio channel. Steve and Mal had been good friends since the days of the training regimen in England for the Normandy invasion. Captain Steve Bennett, astride the T-14 heavy assault tank not 20 yards south of Malcolm's ride said “So far so good Colonel…I don’t much care for the 75mm without the suspensor systems, but hey, the thing is awfully roomy and the extra steel makes me feel a bit safer!” Malcolm had just got word that he was being promoted to Lt. Colonel at the end of the month. “Ok Steve…cut the crap…I aint a Light Bird yet…” “I hear ya Mal. So why the hell are we riding shotgun on the Brits?” came Bennett's reply over the private command channel....the noise from the T-14 filling the channel. Mal replied “Not sure, but my guess is I pissed the old man off last week when I corrected him at the briefing”.

Mal and Steve, riding the T-14’s, along with 5 76mm Shermans of the 3rd armored platoon under 1stLt Lamb, 5 75mm Sherman's under 1stLt Matthews, 1stLt Jonnason’s 1st Armored Rifle Platoon and 1stLt Williams’s 7th armored mortar platoon had left the base at 0500 that morning, making their way north through the French countryside in flank support of the 1st armored company. Along with them came elements of the British 5th armored company, commanded by Capt Harrison, consisting of 8 Sherman 75mm's, 3 Sherman FireFlies, 2 M-10 Tank Destroyers, 5 M5 Stuart lights and some infantry. Funny..the Brits were mostly using American equipment these days..testimony to the heavy losses they had been receiving from the Krauts. Information at the morning Intel briefing had been thin...German resistance was thought to be heavy in this region, however of what type and what numbers wasn't very clear.

The intercom squawked loudly with SGT Crisano’s voice…. “Major….Colonel Henson is on the horn...wants to speak with you ASAP!” "Roger that Johnny...thanks." Mal quickly switched channels to the brigade command channel..."Malcolm Jennings here..what’s up?”...only static..then..."New orders Major. Aerial recon has spotted some jerry movement in a small village about 8 miles NW from your current position. The recon didn’t get much info on numbers or type of enemy units. Make your way to the village and ascertain the situation”. Mal could clearly hear the Colonels irritation in his voice...he really disliked it when Mal was informal with him. “Roger that. I’ll pass more info as I get it. Malcolm out”..Mal chuckled. Typical...the panty waist recon flight didn't have much info...what the hell good were those prima donna fly boys anyway? Mal switched back to the company command channel "Steve…we got new orders….contact the Brits and have them come up on secondary..then I’ll pass the word to the whole company”..unexpectedly, the uneasy feeling Mal had got when meeting Captain Harrison the day before returned....tenfold...and he thought out loud to himself "Crap…I got a really bad feeling about this…”


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