Welcome to the NEW Wargame Terrain Blog Format

Greetings and well met!

Your source for Wargame Terrain and Wargaming Scenery!

Welcome to the NEW WarGame-Terrain.com!
Your affordable source for custom made, one of a kind art you can play with!

Within these pages, you will find wargaming terrain accessories that will make adventures, small skirmishes and epic battles come to life!

Each item shown here is an original design.  They were created with game play in mind.  Durable, detailed and designed to last through many adventures!

My name is John, and have been designing and building wargaming terrain for the past 4 years.

This past year I have created and sold many pieces on eBay©, The demand and high value feed back I've received, encouraged me to create WarGame-Terrain.com.

Throughout these virtual halls, you will find many one of a kind terrain pieces, a forum, an active blog and an article page that will contain original wargame news, techniques and how too's.

Subscribe to this new blog format today - and received weekly WarGame Terrain Tools, Tips & Tricks as well as updates on new products and designs, terrain building tips and articles from me and contributions from gamers around the world.

Having experimented with many different materials, flock, turf, and fillers, I have managed to create durable, life like wargame terrain pieces that can be used for dispay and play. In the past three months, I've created over 60 original pieces, some similar, but no two alike.

Check out some of the Wargame Terrain | Wargame Scenery I've built.

terrain images

Check out the "Fortified Defense". One of our fantasy wargaming terrain originals.  We can make duplicate pieces (Not exact) to order. Each piece is an original.

Wargame-Terrain builds each wargaming terrain to order. We do not stock pieces. Each custom made piece is an original.

For example, if you were to order the wargame terrain piece above, It would be similar in size, height, and layout, but it would not be an exact replica. So you are truly getting an original work of useable, durable, detailed art you can play with!


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  1. wargames

    Jul 19. 2010

    What is the latest wargames in the market? We are looking for the list to sort out things.

  2. admin

    Jul 24. 2010

    The newest one I am familiar with is Rouge-Trader by Games Work Shop.

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