Imperial Guard Hellhound / Tank Defensive Wall

OK, So I'm still working on my Imperial Guard Army.  I recently finished the Hellhound below, staying with the marine colors of this army.  My IG army is hailing from a planet 15 Light years from earth.  It was only brought into the Imperium 3,000 years ago as it remained undiscovered due to it's location in between a red dwarf and two gas giants.  The gas giants rotate the sun in opposite directions creating a stable orbit of the planet Kandoria.  The humans here are similar to the humans technology of the 21 century.

In this post, I have the Hellhound behind a terrain piece I recently made.  It is an earthen mound created to defend a tank that is in a defensive stand.  These tank berns were used in WWII and in the first iraq war by the Iraqis.


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