Tabletop Terrain Painting Tips

I just wanted to write a brief "Quick Tip" on painting your terrain pieces. Depending on the size of the piece, you will want to have two good soft bristle brushes. One for painting the base color or wet brushing a wash coat and the other for dry brushing to bring out the highlights of the piece.

Lets assume you are painting a rock terrain piece that is made of the insulation foam with out any drywall mud. First, paint the entire piece with black acrylic paint. Let it dry for about an hour. Next, use a stone grey color paint or mix black and white to give you the desired color of grey. Dip your brush and than wipe off all the excess paint buy dabbing it into a terry cloth towel or paper towel. The goal is to remove most of the pigment from the brush. Once done, light brush the surface of the rock. As you do, you will notice that the grey paint is adhering to the higher texture of the rock, leaving the lowere area black or darker.

This technique create depth in your piece. Crevices will be dark, points and high spots will be lighter, just like in nature. Once this is complete, let dry for about half an hour. Next simple use white paint and wipe off the excess paint like you did for the grey. Paint it on lightly. As you do this, you will see your piece come to life. This is my favorite step in painting terrain. It is an easy way to make your game board come alive with realistic playable pieces of art.

Until next time...Keep building your world.



3 Responses to “Tabletop Terrain Painting Tips”

  1. Jeff

    Dec 05. 2008

    Great post on how to make a terrain piece stand out. The last step highlightinh with the white really does make it stand out – Thanks

  2. Taiger

    Dec 27. 2008

    try more dark browns and light tans mixed with your black and white. Other than that, nice work.

  3. admin

    Dec 27. 2008

    Thanks Taiger, I will try mixing the dark browns and tans with the black & white in my next piece. In part three of the broken land series, I will be using a black base with a dark brown, a light brown and a tan color for the highlights. That post with pictures should be out next week. When it does, please let me know what you think and maybe provide some ideas.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply!


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