Wargame Terrain – Dry Brushing Techniques (Part 1 Video)

OK, This video is mine! It is my first attemp at it so go easy on me. I am certain that future videos will be WAY better.

For now, check it out here or on youtube.com


4 Responses to “Wargame Terrain – Dry Brushing Techniques (Part 1 Video)”

  1. cj

    Apr 19. 2009

    cj says ur video is crap coz when u clik ta link it goes on ebay

  2. admin

    Apr 19. 2009

    CJ needs to learn how to use a computer and a mouse to click on the correct link – Click on an ebay link – it goes to ebay, click on the video link and you will see the video – Remember, a computer is only as smart as its user…

  3. Kat

    Nov 09. 2009

    CJ stfu… what a damn troll… Great video and good tutorial! Im browsing your website and loving it! Keep up the good work!

  4. admin

    Nov 10. 2009

    Thanks Kat!

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