Wargame Terrain Web Design Update

Hi all,

If you are a regular visitor, you will notice that we have a new design!  Please bare with me as I contuinue to make Wargame-Terrain.com the number one place to get your affordable tabletop wargame scenery and terrain custom build to order!

 Thanks again for visiting



4 Responses to “Wargame Terrain Web Design Update”

  1. valery

    Nov 12. 2009

    you have the best wargames terrain

  2. admin

    Nov 12. 2009

    Thank you Valery!  Glad you like them!

  3. valery

    Jan 15. 2010

    your ideas are cool, but do you know how to make trees?

  4. admin

    Jan 15. 2010

    Thanks, trees are not my thing. I’ve tried, but could never get them looking good. Thanks

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